Friday, February 22, 2008

Models vs. Animals

Well...every week someone has to go...this week it was Stephanie. I'm not sure why she was so surprised she got cut. The girls haven't had a good run on this show. Ronnie and Frankie return to the house. Jackie was being a bitch to Holly...because Holly was hoping Stephanie would be saved. Holly started crying when she realized that her friend Stephanie had been cut. The models got a touch up on their hair cuts but Frankie has to get a lot more then a trim. His Fabio hair gets cut into new short look.

The models have an underwater photo shoot in a tank of water with a huge snake (and don't forget its winter time). Casey is afraid of snakes and takes time to meditate before getting in the water. But he pushes thru and takes a great shot (that's one his pics at the top). Holly was sick and had a tough time. Shannon just couldn’t hold her breath under water long enough to get a good picture.

For the runway challenge, giant head pieces and live animals for each model. The animals used the runway as a toilet in the rehearsal. I bet the PA's were having a horrible time that day. When the judges asked Ronnie who should go home…be said Ben. I can’t believe he said his BFF. The judges even got on Perry about his attitude. The top 3 models this week were Frankie, Ronnie and Casey. Ronnie was the winner on the runway. I think Ben is going to be in trouble next week. Perry and Jacki are very strong. I think they got to comfortable in the house and started slipping. It's up to America's vote now. Check out the runway show below.

3 Models Up For Elimination - Week 7