Monday, February 25, 2008

Rodeo's Rocking Relay

This week the girls have to compete in a rodeo challenge. Since no one went home last week 2 girls have to go home this time. Rodeo, from Rock of Love 1, has the girls riding horses and chasing greased pigs. The winning team was Kristy Joe, Jessica, Ambre and Destiney. Jessica was the MVP so she got a solo date. The group date was at a restaurant called Opaque...where they dined in complete darkness. During dinner, Kristy Joe was getting freaky in the dark with Bret. Ambre took her turn tonguing him down while the other girls were in the rest room. Who needs to see when you can feel your way around. I was surprised no one got on their knees. Kristy Joe did spend the night with Bret...I guess only they really know if there was more than talking (and maybe 1 or 2 cameramen/editors).

Since Catherine couldn't win a date she decides to make breakfast in bed for Bret. She had to get a date anyway she could. Bret takes Jessica on a paint ball date. At elimination, it comes down to Inna, Peyton and Catherine. They should know by now...Bret likes he women on the younger side. Peyton and Catherine are sent home. Now they just have to get rid of Kristy Joe. Next week they perform for the Troops...haven't the troops suffered enough.