Thursday, February 14, 2008

People can be real tacky!

This week's episode of Cashmere Mafia seemed straightforward- either that or there's not much to say. Mia recruited Caitlin to help her find the sex tape she left behind in Jack's apartment. Only to confront Jack's current girlfriend. After that banter, Jack came to her apartment and wound up sleeping with her (his plan). Next morning, Mia decided that he only wants her because he now has a job of equal status. So she finally kicked her emotions to the curb.

Caitlin, who we can call not-a-lesbian, found out that she is pregnant Alicia's rebound from Mommy #2. After Mommy #2 basically expressed that Caitlin was not good enough and lesbian enough to be a mother to Alicia's child (that's a weak-ass argument!), Alicia dumped Caitlin for the ex. I would have thought about having
any kind of emotion if I believed Caitlin didn't belong with that dude she was running around with in the episode before.

Zoe wound up competing with her male partner to make a promotion-worthy deal for the firm. Enough said right. Zoe gets good with the wife and ultimately makes the deal happen despite her partner's tacky decision to have the "business dinner" at a Geisha house?! Zoe has to lie to the wife over the phone and watched the men go to upstairs for 10 minutes of "private entertainment."
Tacky! Next day Zoe finds that the partner magically got the promotion and her boss sub-or consciously insinuated that he got the promotion because he has a penis with a housewife. So Zoe quit. I love when people quit good jobs on TV- maybe because I secretly wish that means a job opens up in the real world.

In the world of Juliet, the divorce is getting catty. Drake is asking for shit he don't deserve, only to have a heart attack scare and take back the promises he made on the hospital bed. Tacky! Thankfully she got him back by reporting the car he took back as stolen- since it is registered in her name. Frankly, Juliet is the most mafioso of group. Give the chick a gun and a hit man. Let's venture out of this Sex and the City box.