Saturday, February 23, 2008

Marilu You Talk Too Much

The teams were surprised that no one was fired. The new, new Hydra team: Lennox, Piers, Marilu and Carol. The new, new Empresario team: Tito, Trace, Omarosa and Stephen. The new and improved teams go to QVC to write/direct/produce a 10 min. segment. Each team had to pick a new product to sell on-air. Stephen was project manager for Empresario and Marilu is the PM for Hydra. Both teams wanted the same product - the ladder. So they did a coin toss and Hydra won the ladder. The other team picks a sweeper.

During the Hydra meeting, Lennox and Piers start arguing. Lennox decided that he was going to be the director. Marilu was the on-air talent for their team and Rick from QVC was her co-host. During their meeting, Marilu tries to push Rick with the product and drops him. LOL!! Trace was the on air talent for his team and Lisa from QVC was his co-host. Omarosa tries to get Stephen to do a run thru but he wants Trace to just go for it LIVE. Marilu has great energy but is talking too much...she is talking over Rick and the callers. Trace is more laid back and easy going with his pitch. The biggest difference between the teams was the fact that Empresario used easy pay for their product. For some reason the 2 people that have worked for QVC (Carol and Marilu) had never heard of easy pay...something is wrong about that.

In the boardroom, Empresario wins the challenge and Stephen won another $20,000 for his charity (
The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Cancer Research Fund). Mr. Trump asked Piers who contributed the least he called Lennox a "sleep boy." Piers must want to get punched. Marilu brought Piers and Lennox back to the boardroom. But it was Marilu that got fired this week. Her charity was The Physician's Committee For Responsible Medicine (PCRM).