Monday, February 18, 2008

Mama Said Knock You Out!

It seemed that Mother's Day came early this year with the results of American Gladiators. The Women's champion, Monica Carlson, the 32 year old mother of twins, is a true soccer mom and now an American Gladiator champion. The $100,000, the car, and the chance of becoming a gladiator for next season is great and all but the true winners are her kids. They have the coolest mom on the block - and they could turn this into some real mafioso potential. Okay, so I like mafias a little too much. No but seriously, I'd be damned if some one tried to give me shit on the monkey bars when my mom is an American Gladiator champion.

The Men's champion was Chicagoland native,
Evan Dollard. I can't lie. I went against my Chicago pride and cheered for contender, Alex Rai. However it's undeniable that Evan was pretty much a bad ass by re-re-setting the Eliminator and the Wall's fastest time records. From the beginning he dedicated his run in memory of his mother. So, the finale was all about the mom's in a way. Totally that Disney movie moment. Except people were so out of breath, and that thing they call Wolf was there. Actually it was reported in the RedEye, Chicago Tribune's free daily, that Evan already has a Sports Modeling agency, and is planning to move out to LA, but only time will tell if Monica and Evan actually are invited to become Gladiators. They are both pretty small in comparison, but Evan could kill people on the Wall.

Shout out to Women's finalist,
ShaNay Novell. She lost gracefully, and she's a Delta- I saw you throw up the Deltas with your friends in the hometown segment.