Thursday, February 14, 2008


For those that didn't catch episode 7 on Tuesday, the CW (for some strange reason) has been re-airing the episodes on Wednesdays at 9pm. Anyway, as promised, more drama ensued this week. The new nanny, Carrie, is really bringing out the claws as she now openly pursues Nathan. And with Haley becoming increasingly busy and a bit prudish lately, Nathan just might decide that entertaining Carrie is worthwhile. I mean, she's practically gift-wrapped the goodies already.

In other news, Mouth has a run-in with boss lady as he flirts with Brooke's new assistant Millicent. When he refuses to go home with her, she fires him on the spot. We'll find out next week, though, that she's quite the manipulative hoe when she's fired for sleeping with subordinates (that's plural).

Perhaps the most entertaining part of the evening was watching Lucas and Peyton go back and forth, with poor Lindsey still in the middle. After Peyton confesses her love and she and Lucas lock lips, viewers were probably shocked to see that less than 2 minutes later, he had proposed to Lindsey. Looks like Peyton's lost him for good this time, but time will tell (though not anytime soon, because they seem to like dragging this dry love traingle mess on for weeks and weeks). As Brooke stated, "[Lindsey] doesn't stand a chance."