Sunday, February 17, 2008

Bret's Mud Bowl

Bret has the girls play a game of mud get a group date and the MVP gets a solo date. With nine girls girl had to sit out. The odd person out ending up being Megan. The game went into overtime with The Fallen Angels team (Daisy, Kristy Joe, Inna, Destiney) winning...Daisy was the MVP. For the solo date they went to a store called Foreplay. Perfect store for Bret! Daisy basically tries on kinky lingerie for Bret then they had dinner in the store.

Peyton leaves a note on Bret's door asking for some time to talk. Then Megan leaves a note on the door but takes Peyton's note down. When Peyton goes back, the note is gone...she writes another note and asks Megan about the missing note (of course she denies taking the note). Then Megan goes and takes the 2nd note that Peyton left. DIRTY!! Ambre wakes up the next day in a lot of pain from her football injuries. The girls (Destiney, Inna, Kristy Joe) go to a race track for their group date. When Bret gets home, Peyton runs to him to try and talk before elimination.

At elimination, it comes down to Daisy and Peyton. Bret give the last pass in his hand to Peyton...but he decides to keep Daisy too. What's up with these reality show? The point is to kick people off. He tells them that next week 2 girls will have to go home...and Rodeo (from Rock of Love 1) is back to head up the challenge.