Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Spinderella is in town

Spin is in NYC to appear on the Tyra Show with the ladies. So we finally get to see what’s really going on between the 3 of them. Spin and Pepa are hanging out at the club but Salt bounces to get some sleep. The next day, Salt and Spin are waiting for Pepa to get to rehearsal. The continued lateness has Salt questioning Pepa’s commitment to working. After practice everything really came out. According to them, they hired Spin to DJ and not as a member of the group. Funny, I always thought of Spin as part of the group…well, so did Spin!! She let them know how she felt about being the third wheel. Somebody better call Dr. Phil. After everything was out in the open…they hugged.

On to the Tyra Show…but Pepa is late again. After the show, Spin heads back home. Just like a Tyler Perry movie they make up at the end. Hummmm…I feel like I’m watching an old sitcom where all the problems are solved in 30 minutes. Luck for us they will do the same thing next week….great?!?