Saturday, November 10, 2007

Party over here...Nothing over there

The Interns are still working on their events. Tationna and Ivy get into it over the phone. Tationna hangs up the phone while Ivy is talking to someone about the event. Tationna starts getting ghetto, acting crazy, like she was going to fight. Whatever!! The blue team heads to the radio station to promote their event. The red team is heading to their radio interview but they don’t have a venue. Good thing the DJ at the station already had an event planned. He lets them tag on to his party. Lucky for the red team someone else has done all the work. Their party is packed and Twista performed. Spencer and Jenna are still getting into it…mostly because Spencer just felt left out working the door. Poor baby wanted to party with everyone else. At the blue team party the crowd is low, people are getting turned away because of the dress code, the club owner is acting funny and Letia invites her boyfriend to the party (bad idea). Once both teams get back to the house, Maurice starts arguing with the girls and then throws a pool stick almost hitting Marc. So you know everyone is ready to fight. Maurice...fighting the girls...really...dumb. Next week Dr. Ian discusses the events and the interns find more time to get drunk. I hope they start kicking people off soon!!!