Saturday, November 10, 2007

Deb Needs a Date

Deb is feeling the need to get her groove back because Irv is out dating. Deb is hanging out with DMX’s wife, so she can vent about the situation with Irv. The ladies get a sample of what’s out there for single women. All women should be scared after seeing these dudes...but if you watch I Love New York then you know.

Irv checks out a new artist he might sign. After the studio, he makes a date with a model for dinner. He sounded like a dog at the table, saying his ex wasn’t special enough for him to stop having sex with other women. Not feeling that Irv...but it's good to know. The single for the new artist didn’t turn out how he hoped. Oh well… Vanessa Carlton and Irv have a sit down to talk about her career and new material. Deb feels that Irv is living 2 lives: one in the city and one with her and the kids. He doesn’t see where she is coming from. Girl…you just need a boy toy on the side and keep those Murder Inc. checks rolling in.