Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Only 1 Irv To Go Around

Nothing like a show starting out with Irv hitting on a 21 year-old blond at a club and Deb having her Hip-Hop Ex-wife’s club meeting. Deb is waiting for Irv to come home to her and the kids. I’m sure it’s hard having him in and out all the time. Once Irv and Deb get back home, they start arguing about relationships. Deb doesn’t want the kids to learn bad lessons from their issues as a couple. Irv takes some time to talk to his parents about him and Deb. I love Irv’s mom…she’s the peacemaker. Irv is trying to get all his artists in line…only one Irv to go around. It's time for Irv to get to work in the studio with Ja Rule. Deb should be tired of all the back and forth with Irv. He said he will be happy if Deb has a new relationship and is happy…yeah right...we will see.