Monday, November 12, 2007

Let’s Talk About Pepa

The ladies do a PSA for LifeBeat. The organization would like to have them perform at their event. Pepa volunteers them to do the show, but she has to put everything together for the show. She is not prepared at the meeting and ends up taking notes with a crayon. She wants to get props…a GIANT CONDOM!! Yeah!! Pepa doesn’t know what the band needs, the lights, the stage or anything else. Next she works with the dancers to put some sexy into the routine. She even does the styling for Salt and the dancers. Hoochie!! After seeing the dance routine, Salt has a few things to say about the show. They make a lot of last minute chances to the show. Thank goodness!! They perform “Let’s Talk About Sex” (I know you were wondering what this weeks song would be).