Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Why Did I Get Married

Janet Jackson (Patricia) is married to Malik Yoba (Gavin).

Richard T. Jones (Mike) is married to Jill Scott ( Sheila)

Tyler Perry (Terry) is married to Sharon Leal (Diane)

Tasha Smith (Angela) is married to Michael J White (Marcus)

Denise Boutte (Trina) is the backstabbing friend.

Lamman Rucker (Troy) is the sexy ass sheriff.

Patricia killed her kid( didn't strap in to the car), Gavin blamed her, Mike is fucking Trina. Sheila shed weight and get big ass boobs and finds a new love with Troy. Terry wants more kids, Diane got her tubes tied. Angela burnt Marcus, Marcus was cheating with his ex.

Favorite sc

* Dinner at the cabin. When Angela tells everyone that Mike is cheating with Trina. Mike tells every ones business. He lets Angela know that Marcus has a V.D. Marcus says he got it from the ex, Trina let him know he got it from her. He chokes the hell out her. FUNNY

* In the kitchen with Patricia and Gavin. Gavin want Pat to talk about what happened and pulls out a picture. Flash back to Penny getting burnt with iron.

* When Marcus finally put his foot down between his ex and his wife. Damn!

* Any scene with sexy ass Lamman Rucker (Troy).

* When Terry tricks his wife into thinking that him and his assistant is about to have twins.

In the end everyone is happily married, except for Mike. HA HA HA 80/20 Bitch!