Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Here we go again...

"I Love New York 2" started with a couple of twists. There were 3 groups of men: VH1 casting picks, Internet fan picks and the Momma’s Boys (handpicked by Sister Patterson). Someone in casting must have a great sense of humor…because they selected Midget Mac (YES…he’s a little person) along with a few weirdoes.

The Momma’s Boys already have Mom’s blessing…all in suits (you know Momma likes the big bank accounts). New York needs to start listening to her Momma more. Sister Patterson set up the room for her boys with a big picture of herself and a plate of milk & cookies.

Only a few minutes in the house most of the bachelors were checking out the bar. When will they learn? They really need to start testing these people (for a lot of things) before they lock someone in the house with these freaks. I’m still trying to figure out what kind of crazy was left after the first elimination.

Here are a few of the remaining picks:

  • Wolf (Pick up line: “I have a big dick”)
  • Punk (Momma’s Boy - Al B Sure look-a-like)
  • Budda (Life Coach)
  • Midget Mac (Yep…he’s still in the house)
  • Cheezy (The name fits)
  • 20 Pack (Another stripper wannabe…probably gay)
  • Tailor Made (Momma’s Boy…paid the other guys so he could talk to New York)

Look forward to Chance coming back to shake things up in the house.