Monday, October 1, 2007

Where’s the LOVE Bret??

I must say…I put a few Poison tracks on my iPod when this show first aired. But if you listened to Poison in high school then you’re probably too old to date this rock star (I’m sure most of the women on this show were lying about their age to seem younger). Some how Bret Michaels was able to weed out the fakes (we aren’t taking about breast) to find his “Rock of Love”. The lucky lady is Jes, the 20 something with blond/pink hair and rock & roll tattoos; she will now get to date the man of her reality show dreams. Did anyone really think he would pick Heather?? She was the 30 something, blond, stripper with a heart of gold who turned out to be just a friend (with benefits). T-pain fell in love with a stripper…but Bret wasn’t going to do that again. Heather cursed herself by get a tattoo of his name on her neck. Everyone knows when you get a person’s name tattooed on your body…it’s just a countdown to a breakup.

Heather, the next time you’re on a reality dating show…try a tattoo of a song title or the show logo (VH1 would have loved that)…then you might have had a fighting chance. There’s always “Flavor of Love”…at least you could get your own show out of it.

The reunion show is Sunday Oct. 7, 2007 at 8:00 PM EDT on VH1. The day strippers all over the country will be holding their breath waiting for a Season 2 announcement.