Thursday, October 25, 2007

Tyra should watch "Mean Girls" and learn something

I hope you were just as shocked as I was during the last 3 minutes of the episode. Through the entire episode and pretty much after being chosen to be in the house, Chi-town native Ebony has been moping around like she just swallowed a pacifier when she in the judging room AND at the photo shoot set- pretty much anytime she's asked to be a model! Luckily she and the remotely observant viewer has come to terms with the fact that modeling she is not mentally ready to do. Despite meeting Tyson Beckford, the girl couldn't fake a smile to save her own ass from elimination. In fact, she eliminated herself! WTF! Is she Dionne, now! "I don't dance... I am trrryiin', Tyra." Naw boo, you didn't try, but at least you didn't get chosen to STAY- only bust into a confession that you aren't "happy"!? Working with photographers that you will never get a chance to work with again in your non-supermodel lifetime [for the low low price of FREE] should be reason enough to go pop a Prozac and deal.

So Tyra in her ultimate (talk show host) wisdom, decided to not repeat the Tiffany incident and just end her advice/tangent/passive-aggressive criticism with something along the lines of "To me the most unattractive thing is quitter. " Ebony cries and Speedy Gonzalez-ed out of there. THEN the real shocker happened. Some ballsy ass person in the editing room or Ms. "I have a talk show" herself decided to play a clip of Ebony's casting type. Which not only made Ebony seem like a punk-ass because of all the begging she did to get into the show, they played some sad little ballad in the background. For those that never watched the Incredible Hulk live action TV show or at least seen Stewie of Family Guy throw a reference while hitchhiking, then the effect of the ballad was kinda lost on you and you should youtube it. "I don't like quitters, watch me as I call you a dirty slut, and insult your mother with only using my EYES." Seriously Tyra the passive aggressive thing was bad enough but then you had to be all mafioso with the casting tape. Shame on you, Tyra.