Thursday, October 25, 2007 said NO Hooking Up

Tila tells them there are house rules. NO Hooking Up with other people when Tila isn’t around (sounds easy to remember). The contestants go upstairs to find out they will be sharing one big bed. After a group pillow fight…it was time to put on their PJ’s and see Tila. They played a little truth or dare spin the bottle. After that they headed to Tila’s private strip club room. During the party, Rebecca and Brandi kissed (they forgot the rule that quick). Rebecca and Steven had a little fun in the bed when everyone is asleep (well...everyone but Domenico).

The next day Tila has a county fair for her misfits with a pie eating contest to win alone time. Dani won the pie eating contest (of course a girl would win this challenge…all that licking). Tila finds out from Domenico that there is some funny business going on in the house with a guy and a girl. Steven jumps into the conversation and tells off on himself because Domenico didn’t give any names. Tila confronts Rebecca about people hooking up in the house. Then Rebecca throws Brandi under the bus by telling Tila about their kiss. Rebecca was just hooking up all over the house…guys/girls. At elimination Tila sent 5 people home (Eric, Rebecca, Rob, Krystal & Alex). Steven and Brandi will get to see another day in the house. Tila, if you have trust issues, you should have kicked them to the curb.

It’s going down next week during elimination...another fight Ashley…Damn!