Monday, October 15, 2007

That's My Crown

Miss Teen USA Katie Blair and Miss USA Rachel Smith wait for Miss Universe Riyo Mori to move into their NYC apartment. Just when you think the big drama was going to be between Rachel (she fell on her butt competing for Miss Universe) and Riyo (the girl that beat her for the Miss Universe title)…Tara’s BACK to make it interesting!!

Tara Conner (the former Miss USA) is coming back to work with the organization and make appearances with them. Tara was the one that had to go to rehab for her drug and alcohol abuse. Apparently, Katie was the one that let everyone know about Tara’s extracurricular activities. Katie said she saw Tara doing drugs and for some reason thought she was hitting on her boyfriend. Girl…he’s not that HOT…Tara would have to be on drugs to go after that dude.

The tiaras will fly this season. Respect The Crown...Bitches!!