Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gotti: No Way

8E0E566A-3F6D-4360-B736-55DE61586FBF.jpgIt's safe to say that VH1's Gotti's Way will be a monumental failure. In case you missed the preview episode, it was about Irv Gotti arguing with people. He argues with his ex-wife who looks like she could be related to him (gotta keep that light skin and good hair in the family). Irv also bickers with washed-up rapper Ja Rule about putting out mixtapes. Everything else, I was too bored to remember.

In the clip for the next episode, Irv is going to argue with his ex-wife again and winds up yelling, "turn the cameras off!" Whatever, like we haven't heard that one in a reality show before. No one wants to see Irv Gotti yell at people because Kimora Lee does a way better job at it. The only thing we want to see Irv Gotti do on television is pop Viagras and sneak off with Ashanti to the closest Super 8 Motel. If he's not doing that, Irv can stay where he is and continue being relevant only to himself. This is going to be a long season.