Monday, October 1, 2007

That was UGLY….Betty!!

If you missed the new season’s opening episode of Ugly Betty…then you missed having your heart break all over again. Last season the writers left us with Hilda Suarez (actress Ana Ortiz) finding out that Santos (actor Kevin Alejandro), her future husband/baby daddy, was shot. As we watched the show I was confused to see that Santos was still alive. I was like…this can’t be…he's suppose to be DEAD. Don’t get me wrong…I was happy to see him…but everyone was rubbing it in my face that he was alive…because I told them he was dead before the new show came on. Well, by the time the show ended, I was just as hopeful as everyone else. Thinking about the wedding we would get to see and how happy our Ugly Betty family would be. Then at the end we all found out that Hilda was dreaming the whole time and Santos was DEAD. DAM DAM DAM!!!

Even though he isn’t on Ugly Betty…We should continue to support Kevin Alejandro in his future projects.