Tuesday, October 30, 2007

I Love 2 Fight?!?

If you missed last nights episode of I Love New York...you missed the best one yet (Don't worry VH1 will have it on again). Nothing like starting off the show with a fight. Buddha and Tailor Made got into an argument over what went down with Cheezy. Next thing you know Buddha throws his drink in Tailor Made's face and gives him a head butt. It looked like an episode of OZ...some prison action going down. It took all the guys in the house to get Buddha off him. After the fight, Tailor Made ran up to tell New York. Since Buddha touched dude he got kicked off the show. Damn Buddha!! He even cried a little as he was standing on the curb (so sensitive). Tailor Made is the house snitch...running to tell on all the guys. For the date challenge, the guys were put in teams to get beat up my women kick boxers. Of course no one wanted to be Tailor Made's partner in the ring. Mr. Wise and 20 pack won...but Mr. Wise stayed in the ring the whole time not letting 20 pack get a change to be in the ring. Sister Patterson makes Mr. Wise an Official Momma's Boy and invites all of her picks to dinner. At dinner, Mr. Wise is ask to let Sister Patterson know about what's happening in the house. He tells momma he will not be a snitch and she kicks him out of the dinner.

The next day Mr. Wise and 20 pack go
on their date with New York. The Entertainer was telling a couple of the guys that someone said Pretty was checking him out (Is he gay??). Before New York leaves for her date, Tailor Made went to tell it (Planting the seed...watch next week). During the date, New York asked 20 pack for a kiss...she didn't get one (you know what was going thru her mind at that point). When the guys get back from the date they have a house meeting. So now Tailor Made is talking all big and provoking Mr. Wise. Tailor Made spits in Mr. Wise's face...THAT'S A FIGHT!! So of course everyone has to pull Mr. Wise away from him. Time for Tailor Made to run tell New York. You know New York goes off on him about spitting. Pumpkin clips roll now. The other momma boy's throw all of Tailor Made's stuff outside on the ground. At elimination she goes off about all the fighting in the house. She sends 20 pack home because he is more of a friend (girlfriend) and everyone else stays (Yes...Tailor Made is still there).