Monday, October 29, 2007

Home for the summer

JoJo is growing up before our eyes. He got a new ride as a graduation gift and now his little brothers want something for their success in school. Run isn't going to spoil them for every little thing. The girls are coming home from LA for JoJo's graduation. Vanessa and Angela decide they want to move to LA for good. Run tells them they can't have a place in NY and LA.

Justine and Run get the approval papers for the adoption process (
I can't wait to see the baby…they could’ve adopted me). Vanessa's meeting at Guiding Light was more then she planned. They want to expand her role on the soap. Angela isn't too happy about the change in plans. Run has already cancelled the NY apartment (looks like they will be at home with mom & dad). Before the graduation, JoJo gives his little brothers a gift for their school work (so sweet).