Thursday, October 18, 2007

High Fashion Dreams...

ANTM is really trying to find new ways to scare the wannabe models. The best thing about this episode is Benny Ninja (I love Benny Ninja). For this weeks challenge, he had them posing while ice skating. Special guest judge Danielle from cycle 6 who now goes by Dani (Go Arkansas). The winner was Lisa (and the haters were all over her). Lisa picked Ebony and Janet to join her and Dani in a photo shoot for an Akademiks Ad.

The elimination photo shoot took the girls to new heights (on top of a building). Once on the rooftop, Ambreal couldn't stop herself from crying. But all the girls made it thru the shoot without falling off the building. The girls in the bottom 2 this week were Janet and Ambreal. I would have put Sarah in the bottom.

Well...Janet was sent home. I thought she would have gone further. Maybe we will see her in a Chili's commercial one day. Next week the girls get a surprise...testosterone enters the house.