Friday, October 19, 2007

Cry me a river

This week on Pageant Place the girls celebrates Josh's birthday (Katie's Boyfriend). Some how they get through a very uncomfortable dinner. Katie and Josh's relationship is a mess. They are both jealous and that can't work. He keeps looking at other girls and saying crappy comments about Katie. Even Miss Teen USA can have low self-esteem.

Katie invites Josh to the girl's photo shoot. During the session, the ladies find out there is going to be some eye candy in the pics (a male model). Once they were all greased up and getting cosy, Josh shows up just in time to get mad and make Katie cry. He really needs to get over himself and she needs to realize he isn't worth the headache.

Tara has a few tattoos...she showed off the one inside her mouth...its a crown on her bottom lip...CRAZY!!

Next week you can see more of Katie crying and getting mad over her loser boyfriend.