Monday, October 8, 2007

Don't cha wish your girlfriend was HOT like me...

The "Rock of Love" Reunion Show reminded us of all the good time we had watching our favorite rock groupies fight it out for Bret's heart. We caught up with the Barbie twins, was forced to listen to Lacey's band and found out that Rodeo had a BBQ sauce. I really only wanted to hear from one person...HEATHER!!

Heather came in looking very polished (New look to make the ex-boyfriend jealous!!!) She has since quit stripping and was sporting a fake tattoo that said SUCKS under Bret's name. LOL

After reuniting with all the ladies...Bret was finally reunited with his "Rock of Love" Jes...he found out that the sweet girl he picked felt like the other girl should have won. Confusing...Right...Jes decided after seeing the show and having been around Bret & Heather...she felt Heather should have won. The romance seems to be over for Bret & Jes. Well...where does that leave us?? Not sure...but it looks like Bret will have to start over.