Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Can a sista get a rose?

Hey Bachelor…what’s up with the rose?? I’m a little behind on the new season of "The Bachelor" but I figured it will be the same as the other seasons. The Bachelor will get rid of any ethnic looking girls first (Rigina), kiss the remaining girls and make them cry…and while he’s out dating his dream girl’s new friends (I use the term friend loosely) she is back at the house doing shots and plotting a way to get those other hoes out of the house.

Note to Rigina: Why did you show up? It’s like being in a horror movie…the black people always die first. And on the Bachelor…you always go home first. And what was up with the Miss Brown Sugar comment. You already stand out you’re the ethnic one…you have to do better then that!!

This years Bachelor, Brad Womack, is a self-made man but nothing could prepare him for the freaks ABC locked him in the house with. When I saw the clips…I felt sorry for the guy…this is what he has to take home to his family. He really got the short end of the Bachelor stick. Web toes, broken faces, fake breast falling out and circus workers (I thought he would've liked that girl). Unless they start some fights soon…I’ll just have to tune in when he gets down to 2-3 bachelorettes.