Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Biggest Loser: Sound Engineers Are Foul

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I haven't seen too many episodes of this popular reality show but I get it. A bunch of fatsos are silently ridiculed until they're thin. Though healthy physically, watching my first episode of it made me wonder about the intentions.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not naive to the idea that a reality show's success mostly depends on how much they can make the subjects look like idiots. "The Biggest Loser" however makes a production move that borders on 5th grade meanery.

In this past episode, they made the fat people run down a mountain. Sure it was for their own good but for the most part, it was for the cameras to catch all the animated fat jiggling around their bodies. Then to show how much the trainers really care about the porkers, they made a woman on an exercise bike cry. Afterwhich, they made another woman on a treadmill cry. Nothing seems to be more entertaining than a fat person crying on television. Don't believe me? Ask Richard Simmons. He made a fortune making fat people cry on camera.

Lastly is the coup de grace of chubby chastisement. At the final weigh-ins when they tally up the amount of lost blubber, they play the sound effect of a truck backing up. Way to go producers, make those fatties pay for all those grease burgers. By the time the episode ended, I was exhausted not by the work out but by the amount of energy I used throwing up from such an incredibly asinine show.