Sunday, July 15, 2012

Addicted To "Hollywood Heights"

Hollywood Heights is a new show on Nick @ Nite that I'm totally addicted to. I can't stop watching it. I was flipping channels one day and saw a familiar was Brittany Underwood who played Langston Wilde on One Life To Live. I just want to say...I really miss One Life To Live! Brittany plays Loren Tate, an aspiring song writer, on Hollywood Heights. From the classic teen high school drama to the behind the scenes of the music industry. There are many layers in the world of Hollywood Heights. This show is just fun to watch.

The show incorporates more than a few pop culture references. As the show progresses you can see the cast starting to gel. Cody Longo plays a convincing rock star, Eddie Duran. One of the best casting decisions was with Eddie's father, Max Duran, played by Carlos Ponce. Cody & Carlos make a great father son team on the show. Brandon Bell brings a lot to the table as Eddie's busy manager, Jake Madsen. His character really ties in the business side to give you a fuller picture. Now the characters that you love to hate on the show, Tyler Rorke (Justin Wilczynski) and Lily Park (Tina Huang). Evil, backstabbing, and blackmail are the best way to describe how they get down on the show. Lily is the TV entertainment reporter that is climbing to the top with the secrets she knows about celebrities. Tyler is a bitter actor that is jealous of Eddie's success. We need these two to keep the drama going.

Hollywood Heights airs every week night @ 9/8c on Nick @ Nite. Check out past episodes on iTunes.

Check out the song "Hands On Me" featured in the show by Samantha Newark at Samantha Newark was the voice of Jem on the 80's cartoon Jem & The Holograms.

Hollywood Heights is based on a Mexican telenovela.