Thursday, April 12, 2012

ABDC Season 7: Britney Spears week

America's Best Dance Crew is back! Did you come back to watch it? Obviously I did and this is what happened.

5 of the (I'm guess) 9 crews danced this week to Britney Spears. The clear highlight of the night was the return of Fanny Pak with a new line up. I saw the promos and just figured this season would have a guest crew every week or they would introduce the challenges in some way. Instead they are back and competing with the fresher blood of this season. I was immediately conflicted. I want to have nothing but pure joy from seeing Fanny Pak, but it seemed unfair to these other crews to go against a crew that won the VMA fan favorite contest (which I actually voted for).

How can I vote for Fanny Pak and not feel guilty? I didn't calm down until I saw their new video package. Props to Megan and the gang for reminding me that I was also devastated when they didn't advance to the finals. I don't want them to cry again. After all, no one does it like Fanny Pak. Where's my phone? I have to vote now! Also to compete next week (Flo Rida week), the masses will be introduced to Mos Wanted Crew which includes ABDC alums from Boxcuttuhz and SoReal Cru. Also this won't be the first time a member from a silver medal crew has returned to compete. So why should I feel guilty for voting for the returning bronze medal crew? I assumed Mos Wanted Crew to take this season up without contest until I was wrapped up in my Fanny Pak nostalgia. Hopefully they won't split their votes and get in the bottom two too early.

As for the rest of the show, the only other stand out to me were the StepBoys. They were funny. Of course it was Three Stooges level humor, but they pulled out some Park & Rec LOLs at parts. Yes, they have to work on transitions and other techniques, but I didn't really care. I remembered them, which is probably why the judges saved them over Mix'd Elements. They will battle the judges' least favorite of next week's crews. Preferences aside, I do like the full circle of having Flo Rida perform on stage with the crews. I think he performed "Low" way back for the battle in season one.

P.S. ABDC producer team claim that fans were really excited about the "season of the superstars" theme from last season. Really? Were you? I wasn't.