Sunday, April 17, 2011

ABDC Season 6 Episode 1 & 2!

ABDC is back and no we didn’t forget! So now all 10 crews performed and 2 have already been sent home. Best of luck to JAG6ED and Eclectic Gentlemen. So let’s talk about the crews that are still here in no particular order. 787Crew surprised me with their timing in their tricks but the transitions seemed a little off (let’s assume it’s because they were one man down). Street Kingdom were okay. HATER ALERT, but I feel like the recognition of their gift of krumping to the world vastly overshadowed their not standing-ovation-worthy performance. ICONic Boyz are really fun to watch and that’s more than half the battle. Instant Noodles got some really tough love from D-Trix on being predictable. However let’s be statistically honest, crews with Asian B-boys have a high success rate on this show. Given that D-Trix is a b-boy, it should be difficult for Instant Noodles to impress him.

and ReQuest both could fall in the trap of their movement being consistently intense and that tends to not film well on this show. If the camera crew acts like they don’t know what to focus on, we don’t either. I honestly think IaMmE will be the crew that people will sleep on and blow everyone away around week 4. Right now I believe Phunk Phenomenon is probably the crew to beat. They have the versatility, fire, and ability to put on the show that people want and translates well on tv. I just hope they last longer than similar crews in seasons past like Live In Color & Rhythm City.

As for whose in the bottom this coming week, I have to guess Street Kingdom and FootworkKINGz. They are the more stylized crews and I think a battle between krumping and footworking is something the ABDC crowd would love to see. I didn’t walk away from either week with a strong favorite, but I have some expectations for ReQuest and IaMmE. I’ve seen Kaili in some Monster’s of Hip Hop You Tube videos and already follow Phillip of IaMmE on his You Tube channel. I also remember him from So You Think You Can Dance. I know they have skills, so I hope they can make it apparent to this audience as well. What did you guys think? If you haven't seen it, go to and watch full episodes.