Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Idol's Tiffany Rios on Good Day NY

American Idol contestant Tiffany Rios stopped by Good Day New York last week. Greg Kelly was very happy to meet the New Jersey native. Tiffany explains her outfit selection during the auditions. She was so sweet and she even brought cupcakes. That's what I'm talking about...someone must have told her that Greg loves to eat.

This interview (check out the interview below) was before Hollywood week started. So if you watch Idol, then you know the first round was hard for some of the favorites. Tiffany caught many of the other contestants off guard with her comments before her performance. She said something along the lines of being tired of listening to people try to do what she knew she could do. Not really a likable comment in the judges eyes. Thank goodness Tiffany can sing...because she is moving on to the next round. We are still rooting from you in NJ!! #TeamTiffanyRios

This week the group rounds begin in Hollywood. Tune in Wednesday and Thursday @ 8/7c on FOX.