Friday, August 6, 2010

The Ultimate Merger - Finale

It's over...The Ultimate Merger finale was last night. It was bitter sweet for me. My thursday night block has freed up some.

The night started with Charles returning to the competition. He showed up with an engagement ring in hand. A little much but...hey just go with it. The final three men were giving access to the Trump staff to create a dream date for Omarosa. For Al B. Sure's date he took her to the studio. No "Nite & Day" remix. I really thought he would get one more in for the road. Then they laid on the floor by the fire. Ray's date started with a steak dinner. Omarosa was playing hard and wouldn't give him a kiss. But when she finally gave him one...he moved away when she was trying to get another one. After dinner they went to the spa. But the date that took things over the top was Charles. He surprised her was a wedding date. It looked like a mini David's Bridal in the hotel suite.With all the Trump staff available, I would think the date would have been more elaborate. I guess the budget will get bigger if the rating are good. 

Ok...I was all in at this point. At the elimination, Charles was the first guy to go. Then Omarosa got rid of Al B Sure, leaving Ray as the last man standing. In true reality show drama he says she can't be with Ray while he is still married. Thank goodness! But....NO ONE WON!

I was a little upset about there not really being a winner but I had fun watching. I think the show was a positive for most of the people on it. The men really didn't wild out and get drunk, the challenges took thought and men came off looking good. Omarosa even soften her hard image a little. I wouldn't mind a season 2...but with a different bachelorette. Sorry Lady O, I'm over you looking for love.