Friday, August 13, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - Finale

America's Favorite Dancer is Lauren! I thought Kent was going to take the whole thing. Cynical alert, but Lauren would look better on a G (aka Gatorade) ad. Obviously I love Robert, who got 2nd runner up, but I do think Lauren had the best solos this whole season. If any of the judges aided a push in votes, it had to be Mia for saying that if she was still a dancer, she would want to dance like Lauren. Fierce words from Mama Mia. The performance show was just a marathon of routines. The results show was more fun for me than the performance show. The big "shocker" was Ellen DeGeneres performing the already legendary NappyTabs "Get Outta Your Mind" routine with Twitch. Oh Alex. I wish you a speedy full recovery good sir. Congrats again to Lauren, and props to all the dancers this season. May you all be gainfully employed.