Friday, July 30, 2010

The Ultimate Merger - WTH Omarosa??

Last night, The Ultimate Merger took a turn I never expected. This was the best episode of the season. For the date challenge, the guys had to build a paradise in the desert. They started the day building a tent and decorating it to impress Omarosa. Troy McClain, former Apprentice contestant with Omarosa on season 1, was on hand to facilitate the outdoor challenge. Lyle was so focused on winning that he was rude to Troy. Al B. just had a hard time sweating out that track suit jacket he was wearing. By the time Lady O showed up it was clear who the winner was...Lyle. The other tents were questionable. After looking over the tents she pick Lyle as the winner but Troy picked Ray as the winner. So they sent Al B. Sure and Isaac back to the hotel.

The first tent date was with Lyle. They still didn't make a love connection. Not that I thought they would. Lyle basically admitted that he was focused on winning. The second date was with Ray and he didn't waste time kissing all over Omarosa. Let's just say it seemed to get a little physical in the tent. You can't blame her for wanting some attention. Most of those guys on the show were wasting her time anyway.

The remaining four men were all up for elimination this week. The big shocker was that one of the men was actually married. was Ray. He said he has been going through a divorce for 2 years. OK? I took a long time for her to look in his file to see that piece of information and the fact that he didn't say anything sooner...Something is up with that!! Omarosa asked for Lyle pre-nup and shredded it. Hold up...She was finished then she asked for Isaac's pre-nup and got rid of him too. My heart broke just a little. Goodbye to my trophy husband (Yeah...Omarosa told him he was a trophy). I can't see how his slip with CJ was worst than Ray not telling her he was still married. In the end Al B. Sure and Ray were left. Funny how both the R&B singers made it to the end.

Omarosa sit down with Ray after elimination and confronted him about his situation. She was later crying in the corner talking about being duped but being in love with Ray. Then the show should have ended if she wants Ray. Next week is the final episode of The Ultimate Merger. The clip showed Charles returning to the show after leaving to be with his family. Plus...Omarosa in a wedding dress?? Let's look at the facts...Ray is still married, Al B. Sure has been coasting thru by singing "Nite & Day" that's getting old (and they have already dated and didn't work out) and now Charles comes back (he also dated her in the past). Maybe Omarosa is looking for a season 2? I was hoping this would be the TVOne version of the Bachelor/Bachelorette with the people changing every season.

I'll be tuned in next Thursday for the drama to unfold.