Friday, July 23, 2010

The Ultimate Merger - Smell The Omarosa

This week on The Ultimate Merger, the men had to create a fragrance inspired by Omarosa. On Team A: Javis, Al B Sure and Isaac and on Team B: Lyle and Ray. I think Al B was hungry during the challenge because he wanted to name the perfume Butter Pudding. Then Isaac starts talking about scents that make men want to bite women. Very kinky!! Lyle and Ray had to be thirsty...they put Kool-Aid in their perfume. Lyle's slogan was..."Can you handle the scent" wasn't a hit with Omarosa. It made me think about bad smells like sweaty people and garbage. Even with the bad slogan Team B (Lyle and Ray) won. Omarosa decided to take all the guys out on the group date. Not really fair to the winners.

Omarosa's mom stopped to bring the guys some home cooking. Lyle breaks down crying as he talks about his mom. I must say he won me over a little bit after the out pouring of emotion. For the elimination, the losing team (Al B Sure, Javis and Isaac) had to sit in the O chairs. Omarosa called out Isaac for warning CJ about what info Omarosa had about him sneaking out. She said she couldn't trust Isaac. So that really made it seem like he was about to go home. Just I was getting sad Lady O changes it up and sends Javis packing. Not to mad about it. Next week the guys are building tents and some one is getting freaky in the woods. Plus Omarosa confronts one of the men about being married. How do these people get past the producers??