Saturday, July 10, 2010

The Ultimate Merger - Just Desserts

I skipped last weeks recap for The Ultimate Merger...but Omarosa eliminated two men - Eddy and Sterling. It was only a matter of time. Neither of them were really making any kind of connection with her. This week the guys had a cooking challenge. Since Michael is the cook at the house it didn't take long for his rival Lyle to get on his team. Unfortunately for the guys (and Omarosa) Michael made a dish that she was allergic to. So the win went to the team of Al. B Sure, Ray, Issac and Jarvis. Then they had to make a dessert to win a one on one date with Omarosa. I must say Issac was very creative with his presentation. He took his shirt off, laid down on the table and set a plate of chocolate cover fruit on his chest. Nice but no prize. Ray ended up winning the dinner date. During the date, Ray didn't come off as smooth as usual but by the end you could tell Omarosa was still into him.

Before the elimination, Charles pulled Omarosa to the side for a talk. Due to an illness in his family he was going to leave the show. Hated to see him go! Even with the exit of Charles they were still going to kick someone off. That put Michael, CJ and Lyle in the O chairs. It got heated as Lyle started listing off why Michael needed to go. This lead to Lyle and the guest judge arguing (clip below). But this week it was Michael that had to leave. It was about time. I don't think he had a chance from the beginning. He did entertain us during his time on the show.

The Ultimate Merger airs Thursday nights @ 9PM ET on TV One.