Friday, July 2, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance - Top 9 perform + results

So You Think You Can Dance was good this week. Overall I think the contestants were stronger this week, which left me with a sense of optimism for a change. On the performance show, I think Ashley was the strongest girl of the night. I understand that she was a little bummed with getting Contemporary (again), but it was so much better than her first week on the show. She definitely gave the viewers a reason to vote for her. The judges tried to make it clear that Jose and Kent need to figure out how to not coast on the strengths of their personalities. The clear showstopper of the night was the collaboration of Alex, NappyTabs, and Twitch! I got such a dance-boner from that routine. I already like Alex, but now I like him more. Keeping up with Twitch is just... beastly! I'm glad they broke the opposite gender wall (usually reserved for finale week) because I think the show could benefit from the non-romantic/lust stories that choreographers can tell with the same gender. Last night the show said goodbye to Melinda as Billy and Robert joined her in the bottom three. I think it's a little silly why Robert is in the bottom and Kent and Jose were safe. What's really going on America? Are we looking at the same dude?

I don't want to post this without permission, but you should check out the greatness that NappyTabs, Alex, and Twitch created this week.