Thursday, July 15, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 7 perform & results

Tonight Ashley was sent home due to injury. JEEZ! This season is dangerous. Joining her in the bottom were Billy and Jose. It was definitely a tough week for Jose. The judges didn't let him off for his broadway routine, but they were a lot nicer than I though they would be about his b-boy routine with D-Trix. Personally, I think D-Trix out danced Jose in that routine. Unfortunately America might have felt the same way. Overall Wednesday's show was pretty good. Kent smashed his two routines. I really liked Billy and Lauren's jazz routine to "Boogie Shoes." Their groove had swagger. The breakout routine was an emotional Travis Wall choreographed routine danced by Robert and Allison. It was simply beautiful. Best of luck and get well soon to Ashley and Alex (who is recovering from surgery).

In efforts to not end this post on a depressing note, Mark was looking GOOD Wednesday. It had to be said people. Shallow moment over.