Saturday, July 24, 2010

So You Think You Can Dance: Top 6 perform & results

Sorry interwebs! My boyfriend's basement was flooded, so a little delay on the coverage at Spoil The Ending, Inc. On with the show, shall we.

No one was sent home this week! This week Billy suffered and injury and chose to sit this week out. Just to be clear, Billy had medical permission to dance but chose not to dance either night this week. So the judges seemed to file this under a "insufficient information" clause. The judges were faced with eliminating Robert, Jose, or Billy from the competition, but instead agreed to just send two people home next week. Kenny Ortega was a guest judge this week. It seemed like a 150th episode stunt rather than a developing pattern. I don't think he really said anything too important.

Overall I don't think the performances were as on point this week as they have been a couple of weeks back. I think every routine had partnering hiccups that made me nervous. There were some lifts that weren't as clean as felt it should have been. To be fair, they must all be injured at this point. Mostly there were times when I felt that the contestants didn't interact with the all-stars enough. I noticed what felt like a lot of unmatched glances at the partner. There was some good hip hop in there. Twitch and Lauren took My Chick Bad to the Wild Wild West. Comfort and Adechike cried (and slapped) their way through Alicia Key's Fallen. Then Twitch came back to fill in for Billy for a Step routine with Kent. I think Jose would have gone home this week if they judges were forced to choose. He had a touching Sonya Tayeh routine but the judges made it clear that the routine didn't require much technique from him. He also did a Paso Doble with Adechike which the judges also didn't win over the judges. Enough with the sad stuff, he's around for another week and so is Robert. Life isn't that bad.