Friday, June 25, 2010

The Ultimate Merger - Ep. 2 Recap

The guys got physical this week on The Ultimate Merger. Omarosa had the guys compete in 3 track and field challenges. Jason came in last and that put him up for elimination. The top 3 (Issac, Ray and Lyle) went on a group date with Omarosa. They had a steamy hot tub date. Ray got the first kiss. Omarosa was ready for that kiss...because she went in. I'm not mad.

Omarosa finds out that a few of the guys left the penthouse to go to a gentleman's club. Somethings in Vegas don't stay in Vegas when your place is being video taped for a reality show. Al B. Sure was called downstairs to talk to Omarosa. She questioned him but he wasn't about to name the guys that went out. The ended up singing a little of "Night & Day"...(flashback loving Al B. at that moment). Video of Al B. Sure talking to Omarosa and singing his way out of the situation.

Since Jason lost the challenge he was in the bottom 5. The other chairs went to the ones that were caught sneaking out: Lyle, Charles, Issac and CJ. Issac didn't want to admit to sneaking out or how he put it "walking out" was wrong. I didn't want Issac to leave so I'm glad it wasn't him. Come to find out that Jason was also one of the guys that left the penthouse. Jason was sent home.