Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Trailer: Keith Sweat's Platinum House

Take a R&B singer from the 80's, a reality show house and a R&B group from the 90's in need of repair....you get Keith Sweat's Platinum House. Keith Sweat is going to help revive the group Dru Hill.

Keith is no stranger to working with groups. He was apart of the group Jamilah and later in the group LSG. Keith also discovered the groups Silk and Kut Klose. Now he will help Dru Hill get back on track and get to the top of the charts. This isn't the first time they have attempted a come back. I guess that would explain the member change. The group members are now Sisqó, Nokio, Jazz and newest member Tao. Below is the trailer for the show. I'm curious!

Keith Sweat's Platinum House with Dru Hill premieres June 28th @ 8PM EST on Centric.