Thursday, May 13, 2010

America's Next Top Model 14 Is Krista

America's Next Top Model Cycle 14 winner is Krista White. The 25 year-old is originally from the great state of Arkansas. She went from a Retail Manager to a Top Model and Covergirl...You Go Krista!! This makes the second Arkansan to take home the title (Danielle "Dani" Evans winner of season 6).

It came down to Krista and Raina in the final challenge. The girls did a Covergirl photo shoot and commercial, the Seventeen Magazine cover shoot, and an Anna Sui runway show. I figured Raina would be great at the Covergirl shoot and Krista would kill it on the runway. I was surprised that Krista forgot her lines for the commercial. I think Raina had the best Covergirl photo. I hope the Twilight people were watching...they need to hire Raina for the next movie.

Both girls worked really hard throughout the season and will have amazing careers. Raina has a great attitude and a good heart. I think Krista is the best person to represent ANTM because her skill level elevated on the show. This will give her a great start in the industry.