Monday, April 12, 2010

Groupie Intervention...Who Know?

Last night was the premiere of Basketball Wives on VH1. It seems like the term wife is used loosely on this show. Not all the women are wives or even ex-wives. So you could be a girlfriend, fiancé, ex-fiancé or baby's momma to qualify. The women came together for a nice dinner. This was our time to get to know a little about the women. Of course the most interesting was Royce. She is the groupie character for the show. I'm not sure if she is really a groupie or just someone that enjoys the wrong kind of attention at times. Just because she got low for a rapper Luda, poolside with TV cameras rolling doesn't make you a groupie. But once you pull your pants down and start spanking another girl...well...I guess my only question was "Did She Win??" LOL

Royce's Groupie Moment

This is my favorite moment of the show. It was a Groupie Intervention!! YES...Love It!!! They are trying to break Royce of her groupie ways. I guess Groupie Rehab is next (VH1 call me!!). I just wish they were doing to help her in more of a big sister kinda way. But they came at her on some you making us look bad. Not that they were wrong in what they told her. I agree with them. Royce is on the show for a reason. So she can't change her ways on the first show. I can't wait to see what other drama she gets into. I'll be tuning in next Sunday!!

Check out the advice they gave Royce below. Do you argee with the groupie intervention??