Friday, April 2, 2010

ABDC Season 5, Week 7 "Hip Hop Nation & Last Chance Challenge"

Ok...I know I'm posting this late. But our resident ABDC expert is busy with real work. So I'm jumping in to make it happen. Last night was the Hip Hop Nation & Last Chance Challenge. The remaining 3 crews had to incorporate 3 styles of dance (New Orleans Bounce, Baltimore House and Turfin') into the Hip Hop Nation Challenge. To my surprise Blueprint Cru was safe. I guess it's about time the votes went their way for a change. J.C. called them out about not having enough junk in their trunk to pull off some of the bounce moves. Well...he was right.

This left Hype 5-0 and Poreotix to fight it out for the last spot in the finals. In true Poreotix fashion they had a funny/cute routine. J.C. pointed out that one of the crew members was off point during the House section. Overall it was a good.

Hype 5-0 took it back to what they know best and even threw in some jabs at the other crews. It was a little out of place but at least it was interesting. Right before the judges decision, they even flipped Poreotix's hand move. But the judges picked Poreotix to move on to the final round.

The next challenge gave the crews custom tracks from Swizz Beatz. This should have been the best performances of the entire show. Both crews just left you saying..."OK!?!" We felt Poreotix was better in the last change challenge with their video game inspired routine. So I guess they can have the YouTube That Shit Award. I thought last season was the wack season...this one may tie with it.

What was Lil Mama wearing?? It looks like a bad prom dress. If you have a favorite crew you need to vote. Voting is open for a week. The live finale is next Thursday, April 8 @ 10/9c on MTV.