Thursday, April 8, 2010

ABDC Season 5, The Finale!

The best part about an ABDC finale is the group performances! West coast were tasked by Omarion to make a routine to Ke$ha's Blah Blah Blah. It was hot. I loved the big tuttin' section and seeing everyone cop Poreotix's style in the back ground. Lil Mama got the East coast to jump around to Cobra Starship's Hot Mess, and it kinda was a mess in parts. I mean the competition is over, but those ropes messed some people up for real. Sorry, Blueprint. JC got the Southern crews to dance to T-Pain's Take Your Shirts Off. It was hyper ass hell which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Poreotix and Blueprint's routine together was nice. Live marching band--crazy! I was impressed, by their stepping. If Nappy Tabs choreographed it, it would probably explain why I liked to much. I don't know what it is, but I love their work too much.

The judges gave heartfelt speeches. I personally think JC's sounded the most thoughtful. I also think Lil Mama said levertate. I think Lil Mama is the only thing keeping this show from taking itself too seriously. Somebody give her a raise. Poreotix was named the champions and performed again. Am I the only person that feels like the trophy is made out of jello? Mario announced that all the ABDC champions will hit the stage next week for a charity episode next week. I forgot how much I liked Super Cr3w. Looking forward to it!