Friday, March 26, 2010

ABDC Season 5, Week 6 "Illusion Challenge"

It's down to the top four on ABDC, and this week started with a group performance. Lil Mama joined the crews on stage to show the world she can get down too. Hype 5-0 was announced to be safe first. Their challenge was to make an object come to life, which ended up as make these long sticks move on their own. JC and Omarion ripped them hard. Omarion said their choreo doesn't change and JC basically claimed they didn't dance as much as run into positions. I didn't think they would hate on them that much. However the routine seemed to really slow down once they had to move the sticks. The tough love is deserving though. Hype 5-0 hasn't been as outstanding as they could be. Granted I feel that way about all of them. Poreotix hit the stage to Right Hand Hi by Chi-Town's own Kid Sister! Yeah, I going to rep my city. Poor Midwest. Just eliminated from the show. HA! Anyway, Poreotix was tasked to be telekinetic on stage, which only looked different from Hype 5-0's challenge because the object was a box. The tug-of-war seemed to last a couple of seconds too long, but they seemed to back it up. The judges were only slightly more okay with their performance than Hype 5-0.

In the end it came down to Blueprint Cru and Jungle Boogie - both outsiders to the West coast. Blueprint Cru had to levitate on of their own, and came with it. I really liked the routine. It wasn't overworked which is what I think that keeps me from liking Hype 5-0 as much as I want to like them. They were precise and interesting to look at. I liked the slide under the levitating girl was nice. It looked better than it sounds. Jungle Boogie had to pass through a solid object, and once again proved they are the funniest crew to watch. Yeah they can be funny, but they are also just plain fun. I was digging the footwork because it was really clean. They were clean the whole time. I was proud of them for real. The judges choose to save Blueprint Cru. Honestly I'm a little surprised, but ultimately I feel that Hype 5-0 should have been in the bottom instead of both of these crews. Hype was outperformed by the other three in my opinion. It is what it is, right. Good luck to Jungle Boogie. They represented the South way better than I thought they would. Youtube That Shit award goes to Jungle Boogie. They went out with a bang. While you got ABDC on the mind, check out