Friday, March 12, 2010

ABDC Season 5, Week 4 "Disco Challenge"

Disco week on America's Best Dance Crew was a trip and two of my favorite crews didn't make it back. All the crews performed to disco mixes, incorporate a disco-era dance craze, and pull off at least one lift. Blueprint Cru were tasked with the funky guitar and went way beyond the challenge. The routine was packed with almost every disco dance craze imaginable. If they included just one more trick, it would have been overkill. Props to the production crew for keeping up with their moves. Challenge wise they set the bar high. Luckily all the other crews also ventured outside their dedicated moves too. Saltare were saved this week. They messed up another lift, but decided doing the hustle to Disco Inferno was good excuse to light their ropes on fire. Clearly they have a lot of fans, and I'm guessing using fire probably bought them more time on the show. Only time will tell. Yeah, I'm hating a little. It was framed as if Saltare fans were the reason Static Noyze was in the bottom. So yeah, I'm hating.

Poreotix finally killed it for me! Doing the robot to Dancing Machine just sounded way too safe, but nothing was safe about the routine. They brought the funny, clever transitions, and robot love we expect. They won me over with the locking and b-boy moves. It was clean and just plain real. They gave me a reason to believe they could take home the trophy. Hype 5-0's safety surprised me a little more than Saltare to be honest. I don't remember seeing the electric slide in their routine, which the judges didn't seem to mind. After all, it would look boring as hell on that stage. The routine didn't offend me, but it wouldn't have saved them from elimination any week of this season.

Heavy Impact, Static Noyze, and Jungle Boogie made up the bottom three crews. The strange thing is that I would want to take dance class with these three crews the most. They seem like they would have the funnest classes. Heavy Impact strutted to the BeeGee's You Should Be Dancing. Maybe it was just me, but they seemed to groove out the spastic nature of "whacking" towards the end of the routine. Maybe it was just mid-tempo, synchronized hand movements -- either way, I enjoyed it. Static Noyze had to dance one man down, but stayed true to their mission. It had a very lyrical undertone and a sense of refinement. It was cute, but Static didn't surpass Poreotix or Blueprint Cru with that routine. Jungle Boogie still manages to be all fun and surprising. They certainly give Poreotix competition in the comedy department. There were parts were I felt Jungle Boogie got a little sloppy, but they managed to play the line of clever & corny very well. They know how to play up the crowd. In the end, the judges eliminated Heavy Impact and Static Noyze. Good luck to both crews in the future! The YouTube That Shit award goes to Poreotix! Please keep it up, fellas. Next week is Usher week.