Friday, March 5, 2010

ABDC Season 5, Week 3 "Lady Gaga Challenge"

Due to a voting malfunction, no one went home this week on America's Best Dance Crew. Instead, one crew will be rewarded immunity while two crews will be sent home next week. The Lady Gaga challenge started with Static Noyze dancing to Beautiful, Dirty, Rich. It was a solid performance and everyone in the crew looked committed. Peter, who can dip with the likes of Vogue Evolution, took on Gaga's heels and WORKED. My only problem was that I feel like they should have gotten a different song. Blueprint Cru would be damned to be in the bottom two again because they were on fire! Granted Bad Romance is probably one of the more inspired songs, but the execution was hot. They were ready and I loved it! Jungle Boogie performed Video Phone and did a great job of giving a mix of Gaga and Beyonce. However, they were the first noticeably unclean performance of the night. I will give Jungle Boogie props on still being fun to watch.

Heavy Impact danced to Love Game and Isaac took the lead. I like this crew a lot, but in a night when Blueprint went there. It worries me that it came off sloppy and less inspired than weeks past. Plus JC's comment on their entrance not being a "little lift" was stank. Bet he didn't think that was on the mic. Hype 5-0 had to live up to Poker Face. Okay there isn't as much to Poker Face video as in later Gaga videos, but it's a big song for Gaga. Unfortunately the routine didn't live up to that bigness. Hype 5-0 came with the intensity, but it wasn't that compelling of a routine. Poreotix danced to Paparazzi. They took the crutches imagery, and did a jump rope thing. I wish was a nod to Saltare, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't. Again, it was solid, but Blueprint just went there. In the back of my head, I'm ready for them to just kill it and take the trophy - hands down. I feel that they could do it. I'm just about half past impatient at this point because Beat Freaks got me excited when they would pop. Poreotix just leaving me unsatisfied, yet I still believe in them.

Saltare knew they had to come with it to Just Dance, and they tried to bring it. There were some horrible sans jump rope sequences. As always, the jump rope tricks were dope. Overall it was a cute performance and a decent bounce back. However with two crews going home next week, they could easily be one of them. The YouTube That Shit award and the judge's immunity went to Blueprint Cru! It was an easy choice. I think Hype 5-0 and Heavy Impact could get shafted next week. Vote splitting is real. Next week is disco!