Friday, February 12, 2010

ABDC Season 5, The West Regionals

Sadly, the opening montage of the West region crews had me more excited than any moment on ABDC this whole season. Hype 5-0 actually got me a little hype! It's easy to compare them to So Real Cru. They came with the fire that So Real Cru had in their A Milli routine in their finale. They were aggressive and slick which even sounds hard to accomplish. The problem they may run into is being too busy on stage. After all said and done, it was easily best opening act so far this season. Heavy Impact came to prove that big boys can dance too. They proved that they could dance, do flips, and groove like the skinny jeans of Hype 5-0. However I don't think they had to flash everyone to prove their point. JC called them out on walking transitions-- one of his favorite complaints. Blended Projekt tried to mash clogging with hip-hop BUT they really came off as an ethnic version of the past clogging crew. I didn't really have fun with it. I felt they were precious but very boring. Break EFX is a b-boy crew from Colorado and didn't live up to the show's b-boy legacy. After their performance, I wrote down, "huh?" It seemed real short and I wasn't wowed. Poreotix... I have no idea what the name is supposed to mean. They came with the comedy of Jabbawockeez and Quest to Taylor Swift!? I was truly surprised, but I won't say that they were my favorite or the best of the night. At first impression, I feel like they were trying TOO hard to be Jabba-worthy. So ultimately I want them to stay in the competition, but I don't want their dancing to be second fiddle to story and props.

Poreotix & Heavy Impact got the green light and leaving my early favorite Hype 5-0 to fight for their spot. Battle wise I think Break EFX pulled one over on Hype 5-0. They had more tricks, thus better moments. Most importantly Break EFX is the only b-boy crew in all the regional competitions, and ABDC loves diversity. To my surprise, Hype 5-0 made it though. Clearly I shouldn't judge dance battles. At this point, I'm interested to see them all go head to head. Poreotix and Static Noyze are going to compete for most unique storytelling in a routine while Swagger, Hype 5-0 & Heavy Impact will figure out who can out groove the other. As for the others, Bluprint will out shine them.