Thursday, January 21, 2010

Omarion Replaces Shane Sparks on ABDC!

It's official and out of left field. Omarion of "You've Got Served" and "Ice Box" fame will be taking Shane Sparks seat on the judges panel for the upcoming season of Randy Jackson presents America's Best Dance Crew! To summarize the press release, Omarion has a new album coming out and he is excited to be on the show. I wonder how many plugs he'll work into the season. Also the release referenced him as the King of Dance... really? We can't forgive Chris Brown yet? I almost want to have a tirade about how having another musical performer as a judge will take away from the judging panel's credibility, but whatever. Do we really listen to the ABDC judges advice? No, we just get mad if they kick off the wrong crew. I won't judge him too much before the show. Luckily I'm still getting my fill from the NBC/Conan O'Brien debacle to care too much about this. However, I wonder if anyone has ask Shane about all this. Is he in jail for those molestation charges? Did he get dropped like a Tonight Show host? Is he unemployed? Where you at, Shane?